When same sex marriages first became legal, a small niche wedding industry began to pop up catering to this new market segment. Many of their sites were “basic, forthright, earnest and earthy — the web equivalent of Birkenstocks” according to a recent article in the New York Times. The Times article continues: “in the more than 10 years that have passed since Vermont opened the floodgates with its civil unions statute, and Massachusetts followed with same-sex marriages, many gay and lesbian couples have come to realize that what they want closely mirrors what all couples want: a beautiful and tasteful event that celebrates their love and might also give their mothers something to get misty-eyed about.

Our own associate Danielle Carter (who married her partner last fall) who was quoted in the article, agrees: “That Christina and I are two women wasn’t the focus of our wedding, so it stands to reason that it wasn’t our focus to seek out vendors that only served gay clients,” said Ms. Carter, an associate for the law firm Weiss, Buell & Bell.

She added: “Can you imagine saying, ‘Well, yes these cakes taste delicious, but how many gay couples have you made wedding cakes for?’ Actually, that would be pretty amusing.”


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