Creation Agreements

Carol L. Buell Law & Mediation, PLLC can offer assistance with other kinds of family creation documents. If you are thinking about becoming a known sperm donor, or of using a known rather than anonymous sperm donor to create your family, we can meet with you to discuss the current state of the law, or to prepare documents and agreements.

Dissolution Agreements between Unmarried couples

Our domestic partnership is breaking up, how do we handle custody, property and assets?

In break-ups between unmarried couples, as in divorce, there are often legal issues that must be resolved. Unlike marriages however, there are no clear cut laws in place to protect unmarried/domestic partners grappling with issues like distribution of assets, property settlements, tax implications and / or child custody.

Carol L. Buell Law & Mediation, PLLC helps unmarried partners separate with dignity through negotiation, collaborative law and mediation approaches. Our goal is to help you reach creative solutions that are fair to both parties.

Parenting and Support Plans

Current family law does not necessarily protect the relationships that LGBTQ parents have with their children, which can often lead to questions about the future of relationships with children you have raised. We can help you to develop parenting and support plans that serve the parents and the children; eliminating the potential for unjust or uncertain legal outcomes.

Fair Distribution of Assets and Property Settlements

In marriages, there are specific laws that govern what is and what is not community or marital property and how to divide assets in a divorce. In unmarried/domestic partnerships, there are no such definitive laws. If your domestic partnership is breaking up, we can help you to develop property settlements and divide up your common assets fairly.

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